apr 20, 2024 Budapest
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Techno celebration on the 20th of April at HUNGEXPO in Budapest!

The legendary event awaits TECHNO fans with the best techno DJs of the World, top-class visual and sound, at the biggest one-day indoor techno event of the year.

Those who will definitely be here: NINA KRAVIZ, KOBOSIL, DJ RUSH, MARRØN and PAN-POT, and the Hungarian colors are represented by HOT X, SANFRANCISCOBEAT, DAVE WINCENT and RAUL YOUNG.

For the first time this year the lights and visuals are entirety designed by Europe's best visual team, the German LiveFRAME Design, exclusively for HYPERSPACE 2024.

MARTIN AUDIO MLA directed sound system will provide world-class sound at the event. The OP MLX subwoofers with pioneering technology could not be fully utilized until now, as it was feared that the extreme sound pressure would damage the HUNGEXPO building. Thanks to a recent major software upgrade, however, this problem has been resolved, so in addition to the unique visuals, the sound system will also provide a much more intense experience on the HYPERSPACE 2024 dance floor.

Online tickets and all other information about the event can be found on the official website of HYPERSPACE, www.hyperspace.co.hu.

We are waiting for you on April 20!

LineUp 2024


Adam Beyer (S) Adelic (A) Afrika Islam (USA) Agent (CZ) Alexander Kowalski (D) Alan Fitzpatrick (UK) Alter Ego (D) Anetha (F) Animali (A) Anthony Rother (D) Bassface Sascha (D) Ben Klock (D) Ben Sims (UK) Bernáth/y & Son (H) Black Asteroid (USA) Boston 168 (I) Budai (H) Butch (D) Cadik (H) Cari Lekebusch (S) Carl Cox (UK) Chris Esycho (A) Chris Liebing (D) Chriss Ronson (H) Clark (H) Claude Young (USA) Colin Benders (NL) Colin Faver (UK) Collins & Behnam (H) Coyote (H) Cristian Vogel (UK) Danilo Vigorito (I) Dandy (H) Danny L (H) Dave Clarke (UK) David Carretta (F) Dax J (UK) Deck Flash (H) Deep S.S. (H) Dejan Milicevic (SRB) Delano (SLO) Derrick May (USA) Developer (USA) Dexter (A) Digital (UK) DJ Hell (D) DJ Rush (USA) DJ Storm (UK) Dominik Eulberg (D) Dubfire (USA) Dusty Kid (I) Egbert (D) Electric Rescue (F) Electric Indigo (A) Elex Red (A) Emilio del Rio (E) Enrico Sangiuliano (I) Eric Fischer (A) Felipe (A) Felix Kröcher (D) Flug (ARG) Function (USA) Funk D'Void (UK) Gabor Kraft (H) Gaetano Parisio (I) Garfield (H) Gary Beck (UK) Green Velvet (USA) Gregor Hushovitz (A) Gulu (H) Heiko Laux (D) Henrik B (UK) Hernan Cattaneo (ARG) Héctor Oaks (E) HOT X (H) H-Posse (A) Igor Do'Urden (H) Industrialyzer (D) Inigo Kennedy (UK) James Ruskin (UK) Jan Blomqvist (D) Jay Cortez (H) Jay Denham (USA) Jay Lumen (H) Jeff Mills (USA) Jesco Schuck (D) Jesper Dahlbäck (S) Jesus del Campo (E) Joel Mull (S) Joey Beltram (USA) Johannes Heil (D) John Digweed (UK) John Starlight (D) Jon Rundell (UK) Joro (A) Joseph Capriati (I) Julian Jeweil (F) Jutasi (H) Kaiserdisco (D) Klaudia Gawlas (D) Kühl (H) Leo Lycra (CZ) Len Faki (D) Levi (H) Liquid Limbs (H) Lewis Fautzi (P) Living F/X (A) Lucca (CZ) Luke Slater (UK) Mango (H) Marcel Dettmann (D) Marco Bailey (B) Marco Carola (I) Marco Nastic (SRB) Mark Broom (UK) Matthew Bell (A) Mathew Jonson (CAN) Mateo & Spirit (H) Mattia Trani (I) Max Cooper (UK) MC Mars (A) MC Spor (A) Mick Wills (D) Mike Vinyl (A) MiniCoolBoyz (I) Miss Kittin (F) Monika Kruse (D) Monkz (H) Negro (H) Newl (H) Nick Curly (D) Nina Kraviz (RU) Observer (A) Oliver Ho (UK) Operator Burstup (A) Oscar Mulero (E) Palotai (H) Pan-Pot (D) Pascal F.E.O.S. (D) Paula Temple (UK) Petar Dundov (HR) Planetary Assault System (UK) Profile 25 (H) Pöli (H) Radio Slave (UK) Regis (UK) Rebekah (D) Renato Cohen (BRA) Richard Bartz (D) Richie Hawtin (CAN) Rino Cerrone (I) Robert Babicz (D) Rødhåd (D) Rokis (A) Sam Paganini (I) Samuel L. Session (S) Sanfranciscobeat (H) Sasha Carassi (I) Savas Pascalidis (D) Secret Factory (H) Sdricci (A) Sian (E) Sikztah (H) Slam Jr (H) Solid (H) Soneec (H) Sono (H) Space DJ'z (UK) Spaceant (A) Speedy J (NL) Spektre (UK) SPFDJ (S) Spirit (UK) Steve Stoll (USA) Surgeon (UK) Surprise (H) Sven Väth (D) Sylvie (H) T.Raumschmiere (D) Terence Fixmer (F) The Advent (UK) Thomas Krome (S) Tiga (CAN) Tijana T (SRB) Titus (H) Toby Izui (J) Toky (SK) Toluca (A) Tommy Four Seven (UK) Tommyboy (H) Toni Rios (D) Toxa (A) Tyrant (A) Umek (SLO) Vladimir (A) Vril (D) Wla Garcia (P) Xhin (SIN)